Gil Bangalan, DTM, August 12 2023



In her keynote address PID Christine Temblique, DTM, underlined the significance of learning from those who came before us to face the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurial leadership.  D75 District Director Niño Sepulveda, DTM and Program Quality Director Josef Chiongbian, DTM provided the inspiration with their messages about authentic service and leadership.


Club Growth Director Remy Ibay, DTM, did the honor of installing and charging the new club officers, led by Pres. Hernan Jeng Jopson. Division M Director Ian Cortez, DTM, lead the officers’ oath taking.  Past District Governor Dulce Rañosa, DTM, officiated the induction of 10 new members.


For her dedicated leadership in founding the club and as the Charter President, ESP, gave a Posthumous Leadership Award to the late Ma. Arlene “Ayen” Garcia.  Ayen's daughter Patricia " Trixie" Santiago, sister Aleli Garcia and sister Joy Garcia graced the occasion, with her sister, Dr. Alice Garcia, receiving the award.


Certificates of Recognition were presented to members by IPP Gil P. Bangalan, DTM, to club members who represented the club in the speech competitions and who contributed to the success of the club earning the coveted President Distinguished Club recognition for 2022-2023. Among the awardees were Hernan Jeng Jopson, Jed Velarde, Reginald Yu, Emeliza Laurenciana, Jenesse Viktoria Mejia, Mikel Rotaeche, John Paul Adena, and Jaime Siybauco. Special awards were given as well – Achiever Award to Reginald Yu for completing the most number of Pathways educational norms and the Rising Star Award to Hernan Jeng Jopson for his sincere service and active participation beyond the call of duty.


The presence of the families of our members was palpable. The spouses contributed actively in the preparation and during the occasion. We were given the opportunity to meet our members’ families – an added benefit of a face-to-face meetings. We thank our sponsors notably Araro – a start-up ice cream business of a group of young people, the Catmon MPC – a multipuirpose cooperative led by TM Emeliza Laurenciana, Mikel Rotaeche for the venue, Jaime Siybauco for the raffle prizes, TGP c/o Jeng Jopson, John Paul Adena for the entertainment provided by the duo James & Shine Voice Productions and for the yummy cup cakes baked by Sugarbox by: Janine.


Pres. Jeng Jopson’s inaugural address was a stirring call to action for the club to #LeadtheWay by being the #SourceofResources, spiced with his well-known humor.

The closing remarks by Area 2 DivM Director Tom Dy Tolentino was a fitting end to a memorable evening. The gavel tap signalled the adjournment but everybody remained for fellowship and fun, despite the lateness of the hour. Kudos to the new ESP Club officers!


An article by Gil Bangalan, DTM, Immediate Past Club President of ESP Toastmasters Club

Written by

Gil Bangalan, DTM


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